Lettuce Girl – Rapunzel

Once upon a time, there was a man and a woman who always wanted to have a child, but they never got it. Finally, the woman had to hope that God could give her a child. There is a small window at the back of their house, from which they can see a beautiful garden full of exotic flowers and plants. However, there was a high wall around the garden, and no one dared to go in, because the garden belonged to a witch. The witch’s magic power is so great that everyone in the world is afraid of her.


One day, the wife stood at the window and looked at the garden. She saw a very beautiful lettuce growing on a vegetable field. The lettuce was green and shiny, which immediately aroused her appetite and she wanted to eat them very much. This desire grew with each passing day, and when she knew that she could not eat at all, she became very haggard, pale and miserable. Her husband was frightened and asked her, “honey, what’s wrong with you?”

“Ah,” she replied, “if I don’t get the lettuce in the garden behind our house, I’ll die.”

Because he loved her very much, he thought, “it’s better to get her some lettuce than to let her die, no matter what happens to it.”

At dusk, he climbed over the wall, slipped into the witch’s garden, quickly pulled out a handful of lettuce and brought it back to his wife. His wife immediately made a salad of lettuce and wolfed it down. The taste of the lettuce was so good that she wanted to eat twice as much the next day. In order to satisfy his wife, the husband decided to go to the witch’s garden again. So, at dusk, he sneaked into the garden, but as soon as he got down from the wall, he was startled because he saw the witch standing in front of him.

“How dare you be,” she said angrily, “how dare you slip into my garden and steal my lettuce like a thief!”

“Oh,” he replied, “Sorry, please forgive me. I can’t do this but my wife saw the lettuce in your garden from the window. She wants to eat it terribly, and she will die if she doesn’t eat it.”

After hearing this, the witch was a little less angry and said to him, “if things are really like what you said, I can let you pick as many lettuces as you like, but I have one condition: you must give me the child your wife will have. I’ll make her live well and treat her like a mother. ”

Because of fear, the husband had to agree to all the conditions of the witch. As soon as his wife gives birth to a baby girl, the witch came and named the child “Rapunzel”, and then took the child away.

“Rapunzel” slowly grew into the most beautiful girl in the world. When the child was twelve years old, the witch put her in a tower. This tall tower is in the forest. It has neither stairs nor doors, but a small window on the top of the tower. Whenever the witch wanted to go in, she would stand under the tower and shout: “Rapunzel, rapunzel, let your hair down.”

Rapunzel has long hair that is thick and golden. As soon as she heard the witch’s cry, she loosened her braid, wrapped the top around a window hook, and lowered it down twenty meters. The witch climbed up along the long hair.

One or two years passed. One day, the prince rode through the forest, just past the tower. At this moment, he suddenly heard the beautiful singing, and couldn’t help but stop and listen quietly. It was the girl Rapunzel who sang the song, and she had to sing to pass the time in her loneliness. The prince wanted to climb to the top of the tower to see her, so he looked around for the door, but he couldn’t find it. He returned to the palace, the singing had already moved him deeply, and he rode out to the forest to listen to it every day.

One day, when he was standing behind a tree, he saw the witch coming and heard her yell at the top of the tower: “Rapunzel, rapunzel, hang your hair down.” Rapunzel immediately dropped her braids, and the witch climbed up along it. The prince thought, “If that is a ladder for people to climb, I can also try my luck.”

In the evening of the next day, he came to the tower and shouted: “Rapunzel, rapunzel, let your hair down.” The hair fell down immediately, and the prince climbed up along the way.

Rapunzel was really surprised when she saw a man climbing up because she had never seen a man before. But the prince talked to her kindly, telling how his heart was touched by her singing, and there was no peace for a moment, so he insisted on coming to see her.

Rapunzel slowly ceased to feel scared, and when he asked her if she would marry him, she saw that the prince was young and handsome and thought, “This man will definitely like me more than the godmother.” So she did agree and reached out to the prince. She said: “I am very willing to go with you, but I don’t know how to get down. Every time you come, bring me a silk thread. I will use silk thread to make a ladder. When the ladder is finished, I will Climb down and you will hug me on your horseback.”

Because the old witch always came during the day, they agreed to let the prince come every evening. The witch did not find anything until rapunzel asked her one day, “I asked you, godmother, why did I always feel that you were much heavier than the young prince when I pulled you? He just came up all at once.”

“Ah! You bad girl!” cried the witch, “What are you talking about? I thought you were cut off from the world, but I didn’t want you to lie to me!”

She angrily grabbed the beautiful braid of Rapunzel and twisted it twice on her left hand. Then she took up a pair of scissors with her right hand and chirped a few times. The beautiful braid fell on the ground. Then, she mercilessly sent Rapunzel into a wilderness, and let her live there miserably and painfully.

On the day Rapunzel was sent away, the witch tied the cut braid to the window hook on the top of the tower. The prince came and shouted, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down.”

The witch put down her hair and the prince climbed up. However, he did not see his beloved girl but saw that the witch was staring at him fiercely.

“Aha!” She mocked the prince and said, “are you here to pick up your sweetheart? But beautiful birds will no longer sing in their nests. She was captured by the cat, and the cat is going to dig out her eyes. Your Rapunzel is finished. You can not see her again. ”

The prince was in great pain and jumped down from the tower in despair. He fell into the thorn bushes, although he did not lose his life, he was blinded by the thorns. He walked aimlessly in the forest, eating only grassroots and berries, crying sadly every day for the loss of his lover. He walked in the forest in pain for several years and finally came to the wilderness where Rapunzel was suffering.

Rapunzel has given birth to twins, a son and a daughter.

The prince heard a voice and thought it was familiar, so he went there. As he approached, Rapunzel immediately recognized him, put her arms around his neck, and began to cry. Two of her tears moistened his eyes and brought them back to light. He can see things as he used to. He returned to his kingdom with his wife and children and was warmly welcomed by the people. They live happily ever after.

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