Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time there was a king who had been married for many years and had no children. Every day the king and queen prayed to God and begged for a child. One time when the queen was taking a bath, a frog crawled out of the water and said to her: “Quak, your wish will be fulfilled, and soon you will have a girl”.


Sure enough, the queen was pregnant soon, and a very beautiful girl was born nine months later. The king was very happy and decided to hold a grand banquet to celebrate. He invited relatives and friends all over, and also invited female prophets. There are 13 female prophets in the country, but there are only 12 golden plates for them to eat at the banquet, so one of them was not invited and stayed at home.

The atmosphere at the luxurious banquet was very lively. At the end, the twelve female prophets who attended the banquet gave the child the best wishes. Some wish her “morality”, some wish her “beautiful”, and some wish her “Fortune”.

When the eleventh had just finished her congratulatory message, the female prophet who had not been invited came in and said angrily: “I want the princess to be fifteen years old when she was stabbed in her finger by a spindle and fell to the ground and die, this is my message.”

After speaking, she turned and left. Everyone was taken aback. At this moment, the twelfth prophet who hadn’t given her congratulations came forward. Although she could not cancel the evil spell, she could alleviate it. She said, “I wish The princess did not fall dead, but slept soundly for a hundred years.

In order to save his beloved daughter from misfortune, the king ordered that all the spindles of the whole country should be burned. The princess grew up, just as the prophets hoped, beautiful, intelligent, and gentle.

When she was almost fifteen years old, one day the king and queen had something to go out, and the little princess stayed in the palace alone. She wandered around, wanting to see the rooms everywhere. At last she came to an ancient bell tower, as if there was a mysterious power that attracted her and made her want to go up and take a look very much.

She walked up the narrow stairs and came to a small door. With a light touch, the door opened. Inside was an old woman with a spindle in her hand spinning. The princess said: “Hello, old mother, what are you doing?” The old woman said: “I’m spinning. Look, it’s interesting. Would you like to try it?”

The little princess did not expect any danger at all, and reached out to take the spindle. Then, the spell came true, the spindle poked the princess’s finger, and she immediately fell asleep on a bed.

When the princess fell, the sleep sickness spread to the entire palace, and all the people and animals stopped moving and fell asleep deeply. The king and queen came back from outside and fell asleep as soon as they entered the hall. Everything was still, not even the leaves on the tree in front of the palace.

Soon, a fence of rose trees grew around the palace. The fence grew higher and higher, and finally covered the palace so tightly that it was invisible from the outside. But the legend of sleeping beauty has been circulating.

There are often princes from other countries who want to go through the rose fence to the palace. But the vines of the rose tree are like human hands, tightly wound, don’t even want to go through them. Those princes were all entangled in rose vines and could no longer get out of their bodies, and finally died tragically. Gradually, no one will take risks anymore.

One hundred years have passed. One day, another prince came to this country. He heard the story of the Sleeping Beauty and immediately went to see her. People advised him not to go, telling him that many princes had been entangled in rose fences and died. But the prince is not afraid, insisting on taking risks.

The prince approached the rose fence and saw that the fence was full of big and beautiful flowers. The flowers separated automatically in front of him, leaving a way, the prince walked in, and the fence closed automatically.

The prince walked into the courtyard of the palace and saw horses and hounds sleeping on the ground, with pigeons squatting on the roof, their heads hidden under their wings and sleeping soundly. Entering the room, he saw the fly motionless on the wall. In the kitchen, the chef stretched out his hands and was about to catch a kid who had done something wrong, so he fell asleep. The maid sat in front of a black hen, pulling the hen’s feathers in her hand, and slept in this position for a hundred years. The prince walked into the hall and saw that the king and queen were sleeping soundly on the throne. The surroundings were quiet, only the sound of his footsteps was reverberating.

Finally, the prince came to the clock tower, he went up the stairs, opened the small door, and at a glance saw the princess lying on a bed inside. She is still so beautiful and moving. The prince looked at her intently, stepped forward uncontrollably, and kissed her lightly. Suddenly, the princess opened her eyes, saw the prince, and sat up shyly. The prince took her hand and walked out of the hut.

At this time, the king and queen woke up, and everyone in the palace woke up. Everyone looked at each other with wide eyes, not knowing that they had been asleep for a hundred years. The horses in the yard stood up, kicked and flicked their hooves, and the hounds barked and scurryed around; the pigeons on the roof spread their wings and flew into the blue sky; the flies on the wall crawled back and forth, looking for delicious food; The cook grabbed the child and beat him to scream; the maid continued to pluck the chicken feathers.

Everything became lively and lively again. The prince and the princess held a wedding and grew old together happily.

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